Wealth News Letter – Spring 2021

Posted on 13 April, 2021

And the world’s happiest pensioners are…
In Finland, according to a recent study, which places the Finnish capital of Helsinki as the happiest place to retire. The study also revealed that a pension fund of £225,000 is needed to live out a comfortable retirement in this happiest of cities. The World Happiness Report was used to create a ‘happiness index’ of cities across the world and combined with cost of living, average salary and life expectancy data from over 50 countries. Three more northern European capitals also made the cut, according to the research, with Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Oslo ranking among the world’s top five cities for a happy retirement. Completing this cheerful list is Switzerland’s Geneva, the country’s second most populous city, at spot number three.

UK retirees not far behind Positively, several UK cities ranked highly on a list that took account not only of the happiest, but the most affordable, places to retire. While Australia’s Melbourne topped this list, Belfast, Edinburgh and London also featured within the world’s top 20 happiest retirement cities on the basis of affordability.

Vaccine sparks optimism among investors
Spring has arrived and, for the first time in what feels like a long while, hope is in the air – and we are all certainly in need of it. Positively for investors, the signs are looking increasingly optimistic, with belief growing that we are making our first steps toward meaningful economic recovery. The rapid development, approval and rollout of several effective coronavirus vaccines has sparked hope that restrictions can soon start being lifted as per the government’s ‘road map’. Recent research has also shown encouraging signs that, as well as protecting vaccinated individuals, the programme will also slow transmission within communities. This has sparked hope of a powerful surge in economic activity in the near future as restrictions ease…..

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